Upcoming Events

MEETINGS AND EVENTS – Fall/Winter 2022-2023

Tentative Meetings for 2022-2023 – Fourth Tuesday of the month where applicable

Janaury – No Meeting

February – Membership Potluck (date to be determined)

Tuesday, April 25th – Annual General Meeting

June – CHS Picnic (date to be determined)

Heritage Lecture Series

February 6th –    “History under our feet.  Discussions on archaeological projects conducted in Manitoba “

Our CHS Museum – Hours for Fall 2022 will be every Saturday 2:00PM to 4:00PM

Reorganized and upgraded in 2021 with new display cases and many new old artifacts. How old? We have Indigenous projectile points from Headingley dated at 3,500-5,000 years old. (Just before the Pyramids started).

Come in to see our new look at “The Little Museum that Could”, as we embark on a search for more space.

Connect with others you haven’t seen for ages.


All presentations will take place at 5006 Roblin Blvd. starting at 7:00 PM

Additional parking can be found at the back of the building, just off Harstone Rd

All are welcome, refreshments will be served and a silver collection will be taken


Ideas for Families from the Charleswood Historical Society (CHS)

During this Covid-19 “say at home” period, families are seeking ideas and activities to pass the time. We wish to offer ideas for things to do at home or for family outings while maintaining safe social distancing. Listed below are the initial ideas, which we will add to over time.

1-“Talk to Your Grandparents!”

We wish to encourage “young people of all ages” to talk to your grandparents and great grandparents, if you are fortunate to have them. If they are no longer living, talk to your parents about them. Whether they lived in Charleswood or elsewhere, ask them to tell stories about “the olden days” and then listen very carefully.  Write the stories down, draw pictures or record them with a video. You may even Facetime or Zoom. 

If you wish to share your stories, e-mail the Charleswood Historical Society (CHS) at charleswoodhistorical@gmail.com and provide your contact information, and we will reward you with a free map of “Charleswood’s Historic Square Mile”. On the back of the map you will find notes on well-known Charleswood landmarks from long ago. 

CHS will send you an electronic copy of the map and, once our Museum opens to the public after the quarantine, you can also pick up your free, full-sized map at the Charleswood Museum.  (Saturday afternoon from 2-4 pm at 5006 Roblin Blvd.)

2-Can you write a “Charlie Story” about Charlie the buffalo.

At our Charleswood Museum, we have a buffalo named “Charlie”. Can you write a story about Charlie? Perhaps a story of him as a young calf? Did his ancestors cross the Assiniboine River at “The Passage” at Berkley St. North on the way to the prairie? If you like, send it to us at charleswoodhistorical@gmail.com and we will send you a copy of our colourful illustrated map of “Charleswood’s Historic Square Mile!”

When our Museum re-opens after the pandemic restrictions are over, you are invited to visit (2-4 pm, 5006 Roblin Blvd.) to pick up a printed copy of the map.

3-Visiting Charleswood’s Many Parks

Charleswood has over 50 parks for family outings. What parks are close to where you live? Can you find out the stories behind their names? Listed here is a short list of our parks to start with, but there are many more. Don’t forget to check out “The Passage”, the historic buffalo crossing of the Assiniboine River.

Map of Charleswoods’ Historic Square MileBannatyne Grove 
Beauchemin Park 
Bramble Drive Park 
Chester Park 
Daly Gardens 
Daniel Flood Green 
Dellwood Green Park 
Eric Coy Centennial Recreation Centre 
Harte Trail 
Hewitt Park 
Marj Edey Park
Moug Park 
Oscar Paulson Park 
Parc Morrissette 
Peri Green 
Smithdale Park 

4-Charleswood’s Historic Square Mile Map

Young people are advised to pick up a full sized hard copy of our Historic Square Mile Map as each young person visiting our museum receives a free map.  The map features The Passage which is the historic buffalo crossing of the Assiniboine River and many other historic sights within approximately 1 square mile.

Map of Charleswoods’ Historic Square Mile